Evaluate the impact of your companies and your investment projects

IMPACT RATING is a tool that allows you to evaluate the impact of an investment project or a company on its territory, through a rating. The rating is based on 33 criteria !

Developed by the ANIMA network in collaboration with several development banks, business associations, investment promotion agencies and environmental NGOs, it is compatible with most international standards in terms of social responsibility or sustainable development.

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Covers economic, social, environmental
and territorial impacts.

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IMPACT RATING allows you to compare performance with other companies or projects in the same sector or of the same nature, and in turn to offer advantages to the best performers on the basis of tangible and objective criteria, for example through incentives, technical support, financial support, or the awarding of a label.

33 criteria

Based on 33 objective criteria, IMPACT RATING will allow to compare your performance with other companies and projects and to enhance your impact with your partners and your territory.

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4 categories

The questions are divided into four impact categories: Economic, Social, Environmental and Territory. You have the possibility to evaluate yourself on one or more of these categories. Please note that answering all the questions is mandatory to validate your rating in a category.

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Once the questionnaire is completed, you will be able to view your scores by category and overall before finally validating your answers.

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Your tool Impact Rating

IMPACT RATING is customisable, criteria can be weighted, so that it can be implemented in different territories, different countries or different companies, while adapted to your strategy and priorities.IMPACT RATING makes it possible to objectify a company's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.
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